Saturday, 30 March 2013

Psalm 119:103

Jelly Bean Bull

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R's Rue said...

How pretty!

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

That is so cool! At the Dutchmans Hidden Valley place that I told about the other day - has a room that you can actually get those jelly beans - and they have containers of the many different jelly beans - individually flavored - so you can pick out just what ever amount of the exact kind of jelly bean that you want.
Goodness -it would take a LOT of jelly beans to make a bull like that!
Lisa :O)

Karen said...

Happy Easter! God bless you.

Buttercup said...

Oh my! :) Wishing you a bright and blessed Easter.

Stephanie said...

WOW! That is amazing! I love the verse you put with it :)

Have a blessed Easter, sweet friend!


Denise said...

Very cool.