Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Romans 12:16

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Unknown said...

Awww I love this:)

Buttercup said...

Wishing you a year of harmony with all the world.

Felisol said...

My Dad's verse.
He also practiced it.
He indeed did not seek own honor, but wandered humbly with his God.
I wish some day the same can be said about me.
I'm not there yet.
What a great goat picture. She looks as if she's not pleased with the idea of being lowly.

Denise said...

I like this.

Stephanie said...

A very powerful and challenging verse.
The picture is adorable! Did this guy come right up to your window?! Love it :)


Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

Stephanie, We were at an animal park and he came to my car window, wanting some food :)