Friday, 28 December 2012

1 Peter 5:8

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Mari said...

Amazing picture and a good reminder too.

Felisol said...

I cannot believe the variation of your pictures. They are gorgeous. The devil often scares me with his endless malice. Then I tell myself about th e promises, that nothing shall separate us from God's love in Jesus Christ.
I am so easily fooled and seduced. It's grace upon grace that the Lord hasn't turned his back on me.
Till this day He has been faithful, even if I have failed.

Stephanie said...

Truly amazing - the picture and the Scripture. The verse is such a good reminder!
I hope you had a lovely Christmas, my friend.

Hugs to you,

Karen said...

I am so blessed by your blog. I love scrolling back through your recent posts. They make God's word come to life. God has given you a gift!

Amrita said...

Yes th e toothless old lion

Denise said...

Cool picture.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Oh yes he does!
Lisa :O)